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Kind words from my coaching clients

I worked with Fabrice as my integral coach for 6 months, meeting bi-weekly. The process has resulted in me being physically leaner, fitter, with much greater vitality and I have in tandem opened up amazing new possibilities for how I spend my time, on my friendships, my business relationships and my family life.


Integral coaching is unique because it drives you to really figure out how we are fulfilled and the value of fulfilment or even thinking about it was alien to me at the outset.


Fabrice is adept at managing difficult conversations in a very sophisticated and disarming way and supplementing that with constructive ideas in terms of actions to take on a range of life topics. Many of the actions and practices I have developed in the past 6 months are firmly embedded in my day to day, are positively evolving and generating more deep seated on-going work, now on my own, outside of the formal coaching period.


He taught me the importance of disconnecting from the daily electronics and general noise, allowing me to have a sense of calm amid life’s busyness and challenges, taking time to be “present” - again sometime I had never realised was important and believe me it is hugely liberating. I’m also adept myself in knowing what’s going to give me energy and what’s sadly going to sap it - this new skill allows me to manage each day very differently than I used to.


At the outset of the coaching assignment we designed some pretty ambitious outcomes. I delighted we met them all and more.


I’m delighted to recommend Fabrice to anyone who is anxious to look at the deeper questions in their life, in a safe and trusting environment. He can help you through what should be a deeply felt experience, examining what you are doing, how you are living, and how important it is to define a fulfilling, purposeful meaningful path ahead for yourself.

--Ray Ferguson, Chairman, Singlife Group

I have been lucky to work with and be coached by Fabrice over most of 2020. I cannot stress enough how helpful he has been in first helping me navigate through very choppy COVID waters, both professionally and personally.


But Fabrice was instrumental in much more than the weekly support of having a great coach by your side. He helped me dig deep into my emotions, ambitions, blockers, aspirations, frustrations, and try to solve some of my issues through a different approach, made of both intellectual (even spiritual) and very practical techniques.


I left our coaching program with a much better understanding of myself and what I need to do to be a better investor, manager, mentor, husband, father, friend. To be a better and happier man. I would recommend that opportunity to everyone without a doubt !

--Raphael Thiolon, Executive Director, Verlinvest

Growth pains do not end with adolescence. They might become less physical but not less painful, as we trudge along the path of our own development. The scenery changes incessantly as we run, gasping for breath and wisdom. Yet so often, instead of true wisdom we get fridge magnet clichés.


Cometh the hour of change, cometh the coach. Fabrice guided me along the path, probing and prodding me to figure things out. He is a treasure-trove of actual business experience, intertwined with a deep understanding of the human condition.


Fabrice’s coaching programme opened my eyes and helped me take a decisive step forward. I am ever so grateful for his support, encouragement, and insights

--Viktor Dimitrov, Managing Director, Apis Capital

I had the pleasure to engage with Fabrice for about 7 months as part of my personal coaching process. Most of our sessions where via video calls, which turned out to be very effective.


Looking back I gained valuable insights about myself, which allow me to become a better version of myself both in my private and professional life. Fabrice taught me to "slow down" and see and feel more by really connecting "body and mind", being rather than doing.


In this incredible busy world, there is seldom time to reflect, meditate and we move from change to change without real transformation. His approach for me was a combination of reading, exercise and creating interesting experiences. His calm, reflective style, confrontational when needed, left me most of the time highly energized.


I will continue my journey in life with more wisdom, experience and curiosity; let's assume that the 100 year life is possible, what a world of possibilities we have in front of us! I highly recommend Fabrice; he provided life changing skills, reconnected my passions and values and paved the path to enjoy the quality of life even deeper.

--Rob Hendriks, Chief Human Resources Officer, Zurich International


I had the chance to be coached by Fabrice for 6 months in early 2019. At the time I was making an important life and career change after spending 13 years with the same group. Fabrice's guidance was instrumental in helping me understand my core drivers and avoid taking any hasty decisions based on vanity noises.


His calm and structured approach helped me dive deep into myself to clarify what were my core values and what purpose I wanted to give to the next 10 years of my life. The combination of a number of techniques as well as readings gave me the necessary tools and ability to answer a number of questions that I had not approached before, and also put in a perspective a number of things that I thought were important until then.


It was a truly enriching experience and Fabrice support, listening skills and challenging questions took me on a journey that helped me gain perspective and insights that helped me take the right decision for the next stage of my life and that will remain valuable for many years to come.

--Nick Cator, Managing Partner, Venturi Partners


As a coach, Fabrice helped me with an important decision which made a radical change to my life.


Let me explain. In 2013, I was just about to accept an offer to work in Dubai but something didn't feel right. I should have been excited at starting a new and exciting position but I wasn't.


On a phone call with Fabrice, he asked me four questions which helped me understand the purpose and values that guided my life and my career.


I wish I could remember the questions but I can't. However I do remember my reaction; the next day I turned down the job and decided to write novels, something I had always promised myself I was going to do...tomorrow.


Now, six years later, I'm a full-time crime novelist having written twelve stories, two of which became best sellers.


I can recommend Fabrice as a coach without reservation, whether you are looking to a make a major change as I did, or simply looking to become a better manager or leader. He asks the right questions to help you decide what is right for you. A coach who helps you become the best you can be. What more can you ask?

--Martin Lee, Best-Selling Author

Fabrice is a very thoughtful coach helping you to discover yourself rather than giving advice. My experience of coaching was more revealing when Fabrice helped me to get to the bottom of my feelings and emotions.


While this can be sometimes painful it certainly is a life changing exercise. I can thoroughly recommend Fabrice as an executive coach. Thank you Fabrice for everything you helped me with!

--Florian de Longvilliers, Regional Finance Director, Dentsu International

I had the opportunity to be coached by Fabrice for about a year. It was a rich and stimulating experience in which I gained clarity on my values, priorities, and purpose. Our discussions gave me a chance to explore many “what if?” scenarios in a comfortable and guided environment.


Fabrice is both calm and determined in his coaching approach. He strikes the right balance between offering a listening ear and probing with challenging questions, while always remaining supportive and encouraging.


Looking back on this journey, I did not anticipate it would be so beneficial. The perspectives and insights our exchanges gave me will remain useful for years to come.

--Etienne Lastennet, Director, Head of Data Protection and Access Management, BNP Paribas


Kind words by some of my retreat participants:

I recently joined Fabrice for a 4-day senior executive retreat which he organized.


Fabrice was able to put together a group of compatible individuals who in spite of not having met before and coming from different backgrounds and horizons, had much to share both on a professional and personal basis. The retreat was structured around group activities, discussions, as well as meditation and yoga.


Fabrice was instrumental in making people feel at ease, ready to open up as well as having a fun time during the length of the retreat. I have no hesitation in recommending Fabrice’s retreats as a time apart, ripe for reflection and interesting encounters.

--Thierry de Panafieu, Managing Partner, Hera Capital

"What a great few days we had together.  Thank you so much Fabrice [...] for organizing this amazing retreat."

"What an amazing weekend!  Time to reconnect with reality."

"I would like to thank you both once again for a wonderful retreat. It was fantastic for body, mind and soul and I loved getting to know you and Cathrin better and now consider you as friends. Everything honestly exceeded my expectations and I am not that easily impressed so it is high praise coming from someone who spent my career doing this sort of planning and organising."

"Thank you again for organizing such a beautiful experience. I came back inspired. I wouldn't change much at all. The time was well curated and the company was wonderful, which owes much if not all to the richness of your personal network."

"Thank you for including me in such a wonderful retreat"

"Even if I have to travel all around the world, I would do anything to enjoy another experience with you!  It was wonderful and I'll keep it as a "precious seed" in my heart.  Thank you all for this unforgettable journey"

"Thanks again Fabrice [...] for an amazing yoga retreat!!!  To be repeated... different destination!!!  Lovely to meet the rest of the yoga crew.  Namaste!!"

"Amazing trip and group of new friends"

"We had fun and feel fully refreshed to tackle the busy weeks ahead!"

"A truly unforgettable experience!  I am so excited to start yoga again."

"Great weekend with great people, thank you all!"

"Great retreat.  Thank you to Fabrice [...] for bringing us along the path..."

"We've never done a group event before but really enjoyed what you brought together in terms of content, atmosphere, and quality - you've got the pacing right for us: rigorous but
not rushed."

"I liked all of it!!! I would happily do it all over again.  Thanks again for a great experience."

"Thank you for having me again!  I do consider it a bit of a treat and this time in particular, it was a chance to reset my yoga practice which has been taking a back seat for the last little bit.  It was also the first time I had the opportunity of staying at an Aman resort and it was, of course, amazing."

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