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  • Fabrice Desmarescaux

How to be human and CEO at the same time

I was recently interviewed by Paul Morton for his Practical Leadership podcast. We touched on the responsibility that comes with leadership power, the call for persistent self-awareness and presence, the myth of the ever-enduring leader, and the need to find long-term fulfilment every step of the way (because there is no destination). And many more topics...

Here's our conversation:

In this episode I had the pleasure of speaking with Fabrice Desmarescaux, who brought profound insights from his experience in leadership development with McKinsey in Asia.

Fabrice shared his holistic approach to leadership which encompasses not just business performance but the human elements that drive sustainable success. He introduced several key concepts for leaders striving to balance their roles with their humanity:

  • Leadership Retreats: A method to gain clarity and rejuvenate one's purpose and strategy.

  • Four Dimensions of a Balanced Leader: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being are essential for a leader to function optimally and compassionately.

  • Sustainable Leadership Practices: Advocates for a balanced approach that fosters an environment where employees and leaders alike can thrive.

Fabrice's approach challenges the traditional corporate focus, redirecting leaders towards a path that values both achievement and well-being.

Impactful quotes from Fabrice include:

  • "With great power comes great responsibility." Reminding leaders of their influence and duty. (00:06:41)

  • "You need to find fulfillment every step of the way because this is a journey, not a destination." A call for persistent self-awareness and presence. (00:08:44)

  • "I only need five hours of sleep because I'm so strong and superior... that's complete BS." Debunking the myth of the ever-enduring leader. (00:07:29)

  • "Happiness is very fleeting... fulfillment I think is much more important." Shifting focus from momentary happiness to long-term fulfillment. (00:15:13)

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